“He wrecked me, he finally admitted that just two years ago. Finally admitted it. I called him out on it and he admitted he wrecked me,”

Kevin Harvick defends Brad Keselowski for creating the last-lap wreck at Daytona 500

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Kevin Harvick defended Brad Keselowski’s decision to push for a win in the last lap of the 2021 Daytona 500.

With his Team Penske teammate, Joey Logano, almost about to win the Daytona 500, Keselowski decided to attempt one last push to outsmart his teammate. However, it didn’t go well with Keselowski taking out Logano from the race and creating a multi-car wreck as a result.

Michael McDowell who was running behind won the race. Harvick finished fourth.

Speaking about the incident, Stewart-Haas Racing driver Kevin Harvick said:

“Everybody has to make their own decisions. That was his [Keselowski’s] decision. I don’t think he was going to win from there. He definitely has the best pusher behind him, with the broken spoiler there. I think he thought he was in a good position and that was probably his best chance to win.”

When the prestigious Daytona 500 is at stake, it is understandable from Harvick’s point of view to come in defense of the Team Penske driver. If a move can earn you one of the most valued races of NASCAR Cup Series season, why not take the chance?

It would have been Keselowski’s first Daytona 500 victory. He is one of the few Cup champions, along with Chase Elliott, Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr. to not have won the Daytona 500.

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8 thoughts on “Kevin Harvick defends Brad Keselowski for creating the last-lap wreck at Daytona 500”

  1. It wasn’t Keselowski’s fault. If you watch the video, McDowell pushed him into Logano. Keselowski had no place to go. He was sandwiched. McDowell won the race by bullying his way through the crowd. Why is no one seeing this?

    1. McDowell had a run with Chase pushing him. Brad and Joey pulled up in front of him to block. He couldn’t go low because of Dillon.

  2. Looked like to me that Logano moved to try to block Brad a second before Brad bump drafted him. Logano moved too late. That style racing is pathetic anyway. The best car don’t win. The lucky one does.

    1. Hey Richard. You ever go watch sprint car racing?
      Trust me no politics in there. Just good hard clean
      racing. Check one out if you have never.

  3. Without having my hand on any of the wheels I would never know what to say. Mind to hand in a fraction of a 100th of a second! No second questing here. It’s a reaction to the others actions. Blink and it’s OVER!!!

  4. Joey tried to block, even said he slowed down to back up to brad to stop the run. Joey blocks more then anyone in NASCAR. Hes well known for that!!

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