Dale Earnhardt Jr. biggest fear

Dale Earnhardt Jr. reveals biggest fear regarding his father’s legacy

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. opened up about the fear that his father’s legacy would die down with time and forget the achievements that he left behind.

When it comes to the best drivers to have graced NASCAR, Earnhardt Sr.’s name comes close to the top of every such list. However, with the passage of time, such legends tend to lose some of their legacies as people are more concerned with the present than history.

This thing concerned Earnhardt Jr. and he feared that his father won’t be remembered as much for his contribution to the sports. Speaking to SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, he said:

“My biggest fear was that, one day people are going to forget what kind of impact he had on the sport. What was his value. I was really scared that eventually, enough time was going to pass.

“People would kind of just move on, credit him or remember him for what he was.”

However, contrary to Dale Jr’s fears, his father’s legacy holds as much value as it did in the past. The seven-time champion is not only one of the most successful drives in the sports but also one of the most revered persons in the industry.

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