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Update on the development phase of Next Gen car

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John Probst, NASCAR Senior Vice President of Racing Innovation, provided updates on the development phase of Next Gen car.

As per the statement from NASCAR, the vice president said that all three manufacturers — Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota “have had their designs for the Next Gen car approved.”

“In hindsight, when we were on target for 2021 and now we’ve gone through all of this, we look back and boy, we probably would’ve had our tongues hanging out right now if we were to launch it in 2021, which we could’ve done,” Probst said. “I think we’re certainly on schedule. We’re probably actually being able to spend a little more time since we pushed it out to 2022, focusing on a lot of the line-item costs.”

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The report also indicated that test for wheel-force data collection is scheduled at Martinsville Speedway in March. Additionally, the complete unveiling of the three manufacturer-specific models is scheduled for “late spring”.

Previously slated to debut in the 2021 season, Next Gen will make its Cup Series appearance in the 2020 season.

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