Joey Logano Daytona 500

Joey Logano expecting a ‘very aggressive” Daytona 500

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Joey Logano believes that the Daytona 500 will turn out to be an aggressive event as everyone is trying to win the race as in the championship.

But the championship can be won by only the four drivers who are qualified for the event. As for the Daytona 500, everyone participating in the race has a chance to win it.

And over the years, this race has maintained its status as one of the most important races in the NASCAR season. Having won the event in 2015, Logano knows its value for the drivers.

“The only race you would argue is bigger than that is the championship race, and that’s only for four cars. This is the biggest race for 40 cars out there,” the Team Penske driver said.

During the regular season and the playoffs, drivers try to finish as higher as possible to collect points. But, just like in the championship race, there is no reward for finishing second in the Daytona 500.

“Everyone is out there racing extremely hard. Especially towards the end of the race, the pushing and shoving becomes very aggressive. That has been consistent over the years but as the rules package changes. Especially with this new spoiler on the back of it,” Logano added.

“You try to collect points while you can during the stages…At the end of the race, it’s like the championship. No one remembers who finished second. No one remembers who finished second in the Daytona 500 last year. That’s just what this race is about.”

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