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‘My wife would destroy absolutely everything about me’ – Kevin Harvick says he won’t be in the sports for too long

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Kevin Harvick dismissed the idea of sticking to the sports for too long and would rather prefer to spend time with his family.

45-year-old Harvick has won it all in the Cup Series. He won the Cup Series championship in 2014 and has 58 career Cup race wins. He is also a two-time NASCAR Xfinity champion and has 119 combined national series wins, which is only behind Richard Petty and Kyle Busch.

In the 2020 season, Harvick led the number of wins with nine wins throughout the season.

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But there will come a time when Harvick will decide to finally retire from the sports. And it seems that the time might be sooner than later. He said:

“I think if I tried to go 20 more years into my racing career, my wife would destroy absolutely everything about me. I don’t think that would fly at home. Keelan is all about running his first truck race against Dad. Being around these kids and watching them grow up has really inspired me.”

For someone of his record, he is already deserving of legendary status whenever he retires.

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11 thoughts on “‘My wife would destroy absolutely everything about me’ – Kevin Harvick says he won’t be in the sports for too long”

  1. Why dose it seem when the guy is doing good it’s always the women you need to quit what your doing an be with us well if the guys wasn’t doing what he does that woman would not be able to go an spend money like it’s candy keep racing kevin I like watching you kick ***

    1. It sounds like a joint decision to me. I don’t think anybody is twisting his arm. He even said it had more to do with Keelan’s racing career now

    2. You make it sound as if these men are henpecked into retirement despite being in their stride, It’s not unreasonable at all for someone to bow out gracefully at 50 after 20 + years and millions earned in a risky occupation to spend the back half of life with his beautiful wife and his son. We should all be so fortunate.

  2. Heather Woodall

    I absolutely agree that family comes first but ohhhhhh how it crushes my heart to think about him retiring . #imanascarlovinggirllivinginakevinharvickworld

  3. I keep losing my favorites rusty Tony now not long for Kevin illegal with you till you retire chase will be next

  4. you better start watching the up and coming drivers and pick a favorite. just some advice on watching nascar for the last 50 years.!

  5. It’s the progression of any sport ,the superstars can’t be there forever. He may going back to a ownership role again to keep his hands in the sport like Smoke did.

  6. Christopher Hontz

    He will be around for a few more years…
    Hailey Deegan isn’t ready to take his seat. You heard it here first!!!

  7. One more of the greats I don’t think it will be this season but when it does I know he will be in the Hall of fame

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