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Chase Elliott looking to not mess up Rolex 24 chance for teammates

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2020 Cup Series champion Chase Elliott is of the opinion that his teammates in Rolex 24 have a better chance of winning it without him.

Elliott has been participating in a number of off-season races after a successful 2020 Cup Series campaign. After participating in the Chili Bowl Nationals, Elliot is set to compete in the Rolex 24 at Daytona. In the four drivers lineup for the event, Elliott said that he doesn’t want to mess up chances for his teammates.

“I think as you step into a situation like that, the biggest thing is just to not mess it up for them. That’s my mindset. I feel like they would have a great shot to win without me.”

The No. 9 Hendrick Motorsports driver believes that having three drivers instead of four can also work for the event. He also added that he sees himself as the fourth driver.

“It’s doable with three drivers, it makes it difficult, though, so having four, I think gives the drivers a little bit more of a chance to rest and to also, if someone isn’t feeling well, it makes the process better to have four.

“Those guys that do that stuff all the time are very good at it, and they spend all year long developing and working on the skills to go fast in those specific cars,”

“So my mindset is just to try to learn as much as I can from those other guys and not mess anything up for them.”

Elliott is anticipating a tough challenge but stepping into it, he believes it “helps you not only learn quicker, but also learn the right way and learn the right things.”

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