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‘Super apologetic’ Kyle Larson left a crying voicemail for Bubba Wallace

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Bubba Wallace said that Kyle Larson left him a crying voicemail after Larson used the N-word in an iRacing event.

Back in April 2020, Larson was in the midst of controversy for the use of a racial slur in an iRacing event. He got fired by his sponsors and NASCAR suspended him indefinitely for his action.

After Wallace didn’t pick up Larson’s call, Wallace recalls the former Chip Ganassi Racing driver crying on the voicemail. He said:

“He was super apologetic. I said, ‘Hey man, it’s in your vocabulary, dog.’ It ain’t just like, ‘Oh, am I going to say it again?’ If you use that on regular — I don’t know if he does or not — but it sounds like to me you do, then you have got to get that out of your vocabulary, you know?

“People say to me, ‘Hey, they say it in rap music.’ Whatever, that’s that culture. It’s not the NASCAR culture. It’s not. We know what to say and what not to say. You sign the dotted line, you don’t say stupid s*** like that. If someone really wants to talk, let’s talk. I want to talk. But you have to want to talk with me.”

While Larson didn’t run a single Cup Series race for the 2020 season after that, things have turned out well for him now. After NASCAR lifted his suspension, he signed for Hendrick Motorsports.

As for Wallace, he left Richard Petty Motorsports to join the new Cup Series team 23XI Racing.

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4 thoughts on “‘Super apologetic’ Kyle Larson left a crying voicemail for Bubba Wallace”

  1. I think it’s time the words that Kyle Larson said are forgotten. He did the time that NASCAR required and he did what was right. Now it is time to forget it all and leave it alone.

  2. Wallace is a joke and he is on another NASCAR team he is just a publicity stunt Just like Danaka and she didn’t do anything except take up a spot that a real driver who would of had a better year than she had which is nothing. She left NASCAR and nothing has changed so Wallace won’t do nothing and that noose was in the garage for over a year and he pointed it out to the press and then you got the Dixie flag banned from NASCAR who do you think got NASCAR started anyhow on the map it was the good ole boys that did it and you did more harm than good . You are a heartbeat away from going over the fence and you will do no better that Patrick did and that was last and you will do no better so its just a publicity stunt so stay home a watch on TV. That way you can see the finish line??????????????

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