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‘Run it more like an F1 shop’ – Bubba Wallace crew chief on 23XI Racing’s expectations

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Bubba Wallace’s crew chief Mike Wheeler spoke about the way he would like to handle things in the 23XI Racing team.

Even though it might just be their debut season, the hype surrounding the new Cup Series team is growing, and the team would be expected to show a high level of performance in its first season.

While Wallace will take most of the limelight, but any future success will not be possible without Wheeler working in his own capacity.

Recently, the crew chief spoke about the structure and accountability he envisions within the team. He said:

“Most of the thing we’re trying to do is set up a good structure, both building, and people, that can handle a lot of this without me being engaged in every decision.

“One of the things I dream about this place, with everyone’s blessing, is to kind of run it more like an F1 shop.

“Fortunately, I’ve got JGR cars and a (Toyota Racing Development) alliance, so that’s a big chunk off my plate.”

The crew chief will look upon his experience to not repeat the mistakes of the past and create a successful mechanism within the No. 23 camp.

“I think I’ve learned in the past, a lot of times people dwell on decisions, trying to make it themselves instead of listening to people around them. I’m definitely leaning on the point of having enough engineers. And enough experienced mechanics so when three guys are in the agreement of something, I’m good with that.”

Wheeler will also have the input of Denny Hamlin to make things a little easier for him.

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