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Kyle Busch discusses potential NASCAR/IndyCar doubleheader and his interest in Indy 500

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Joe Gibbs Racing driver Kyle Busch said that he is open to the idea of potential NASCAR/IndyCar doubleheaders in the future.

Last season saw the first-ever NASCAR/IndyCar doubleheader at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The track hosted IndyCar and the Xfinity Series race on July 4 and Cup Series race on July 5.

While the event was brought about to the schedule changes forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the talks of organizing doubleheaders are already there even during the regular schedule.

Speaking about such a possibility, Busch IndyCar and the Xfinity Series

“I think anything that’s good for racing is a good thing, so I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more doubleheaders.

“I’m not sure you are going to see a whole lot of crossover necessarily, since we all have commitments on our end with our sponsors and our teams and the IndyCar guys have the same. Obviously this year has been completely different, but when we hopefully get back to more normal times it’s something that great for the fans to be able to see guys from both series on the same weekend.”

Busch has previously stated his desire to participate in the Indianapolis 500. Speaking about his interest, Busch said that it would be too exhausting for a driver to participate in both events in the doubleheader.

“I would assume it would be possible. I’m just not sure the logistics of it would necessarily work, trying to find a ride and all that sort of stuff. Really the oval for IndyCar is a bigger deal to me than the road course, so I wouldn’t take to doing two road courses on the same weekend knowing how physically exhausting that can be versus trying to run the oval.”

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