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NASCAR Manufacturer Toyota releases an update on a ‘Next Gen’ Model

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While the 2021 season might be on the horizon, there are high expectations for the 2022 season just for the release of the NASCAR Next Gen Model.

With that in view, NASCAR has been conducting several Next Gen car tests. The most recent test came as a two-day test at Daytona International Speedway in December.

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While the model was set to make its debut in the 2021 season, it was pushed one year back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it will give more time for the manufactures to fine-tune the equipment before it hits the ground in 2022.

Most of the tests were with a Chevrolet car. But recently, Toyota released a concept for their own version of the car.

It seems that their model has only been as far as a drawing concept. So they will have to speed up the process from now on. There has been no news from Ford, but things are expected to be developing behind the stage.

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