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Denny Hamlin taking inspiration from Joe Gibbs to run his 23XI Racing team

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Denny Hamlin said that he would model the business of his team, 23XI Racing, with that of Joe Gibbs Racing.

As the 2021 season is approaching, Hamlin and Co. must be excited to see their team competing in the Cup Series. While Hamlin might be a veteran Cup Series driver, it is the first time that he is stepping into management.

As a part of a successful Cup Series team in Joe Gibbs Racing, Hamlin knows where to draw the inspiration to run his new team.

“This is going to be my job. My vision is, when I’m done racing, I want to run the business like Joe (Gibbs) runs his business. I’ve been there now for 15 years, I’ve seen how he does things, how he interacts with sponsors, how he entertains them. The services that he provides to them,” Hamlin said.

“It’s up to me to build this organization to what a Joe Gibbs Racing is and using the model which I’ve been part of for so long. Certainly, I’ll be hands-on, I’ll be on the ground, I’ll probably be at most race tracks I would imagine.”

Hamlin also spoke of the desire to bring about the right people in the team and create a facility where the employees would enjoy working.

“I’m only as strong as the people who are building my race cars. I know that Joe goes above and beyond for his employees, and that’s something I’m gonna put in the forefront of people who wanna come and work for us in the future.

“My goal is in the next couple of years to build a first-class facility that people don’t wanna go home. It won’t be a conventional race shop. This will be a place that people like going to work.

Hamlin will have the support of NBA legend Michael Jordan to help him with. The team is expected to be in playoff contention right from the first year.

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