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Ryan Newman confident about the safety of the cars after his Daytona 500 crash

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Ryan Newman’s crew chief, Scott Graves, revealed that the driver has “confidence” in the safety of the race cars.

Newman was involved in a horrific car crash earlier this year in the Daytona 500. He sustained a bruised brain but fortunately, it was nothing serious and the driver was back to racing after two months.

However, the crash raised alarms about the safety of the cars, which NASCAR responded by adding an extra bar.

Graves spoke in light of car safety and how Newman feels about it. The crew chief said:

“He’s definitely got confidence I guess as far as our team, you know the guys that put the interior together for him. He did it more when he first started working with us.

“He feels good about the way we put together the cars for him. And then, obviously with the wreck, the cars are safer with the extra bar that they’ve added.”

Graves also commended NASCAR’s effort in making the sports safer after the Daytona 500 crash.

“They’ve got the rollover belt for the oil tank to keep any oil from spilling off the top if the car turns upside down. So NASCAR did a good job of really dissecting that wreck and what the car looked like. And then Ryan himself actually went over and looked at it with them and had some input with NASCAR on some of the things.

“They did a really good job of responding to that I think so the cars are even safer yet than they were. So between all that he’s got a lot of confidence in the safety side of it and what we are able to do for him.”

After a successful conclusion of the 2020 season, Newman will be back in action for the upcoming season. While the crash impacted his overall season, he will be looking to make a strong start in 2021.

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