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‘We’re riding a pretty big wave right now’ – Keselowski on his manufacturing startup

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Besides his NASCAR Cup Series career, Brad Keselowski is doing quite well with his Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing.

Keselowski’s company, which is in the same place as his truck team, helps companies by bending and forming metal into parts.

While due to the proprietary agreements, Keselowski has not disclosed much about his venture but his ‘state-of-the-art 3D printing’ company seems on the rising curve. Speaking to NBC Sports, Keselowski said:

“Nothing happens as fast as we want it to, but we’re riding a pretty big wave right now. It’s not much of a secret if you follow my LinkedIn account, but we’re really, really into space right now.

“Very committed to it. We’re working with several key launch-related companies. And building some very high-end equipment to make their launches possible in ways that it wasn’t possible before.

“So that’s pretty much dominated my business. And there’s a lot of runway left to go there as space just continues to take off.”

What the Team Penske driver has disclosed is the need of employers in the past. After finishing second to Chase Elliott in the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series finale, Keselowski posted in Twitter:

A lot of success is projected for his business and the driver himself expects “double- to triple-digit growth, and I suspect that probably will continue for the next few years, so I’m really thankful for that.”

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6 thoughts on “‘We’re riding a pretty big wave right now’ – Keselowski on his manufacturing startup”

  1. brad better hope biden does not allows us to move our manufacturing back to china. WSJ says it has already started planning by some companies

    1. Biden never said he’d be moving anything to China. The fact is it’s Trump and his daughter that make products in China, Biden wants things made here.

    2. What do you mean back to China nothing from China has come back to America. If you know of some manufacturing that has come back from China please let the rest of us know.

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