Raise Hell Praise Dale

What the phrase ‘Raise Hell, Praise Dale’ means to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. spoke about the phrase ‘Raise Hell, Praise Dale’ in commemoration of his dad and what it means to him. 

As one of the most revered people in the NASCAR industry, Earnhardt Sr. has a phrase of his own. Phrases such as this prove that even after years of his death, fans keep his spirit alive.

When Earnhardt Jr. began on his own racing career, he inherited the phrase from his father. Hearing fans shout the phrase out loud makes him remember his father and the legacy that he has left behind.

When asked about what the phrase ‘Raise Hell, Praise Dale’ means to him, Earnhardt Jr. replied:

“For me, it’s like a shoutout to my dad. It is sort of a rally cry for all those Dale Earnhardt Sr. fans. That’s the way they sorta, their mantra if you will.

“They’re gonna live life, they’re gonna raise hell and they’re gonna support and celebrate my father and his legacy. That’s kinda what that always has meant to me and I love hearing it.

“When people say it I think of my dad immediately and know that he would really appreciate people, years after his death, that still really celebrates his life.”

While Dale Jr. might not be as prolific as his father in the race track, he is one of the famous people of his generation and has done his part in the industry, either with his racing or his broadcasting booth works.

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