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Samantha Busch speaks about losing ‘Last Girl Embryo’

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Kyle and Samantha Busch’s desire to have a second child failed after they lost their ‘last girl embryo’.

The couple has struggled to conceive a second child due to their fertility struggles. They looked for a Surrogate to conceive their baby and found one in September.

When the surrogate took a pregnancy test last month, it turned out to be negative.

Speaking about the disappointment of losing the child, Samantha told PEOPLE:

“It was our last girl embryo. Our surrogate walked outside, Kyle turned the camera off and we just broke down. You put so much faith and hope in every round. By this time, you would think we would manage our expectations, right? It’s just that, every time, they tell you it should work.”

The couple has had a number of failed attempts to have a second baby after Brexton Locke was born in 2015 as a result of a successful in vitro fertilization treatment.

Samantha also shared how she tried to explain to her son what surrogate meant.

“We actually worked really hard to explain what a surrogate was and how it was going to happen. For Brexton to understand what was going on, we equated it to if we were baking Christmas cookies and our oven broke, so we went to someone else’s house to use their oven.”

“They are still our cookies — they just got baked in another oven, and they will still come home with us.

Samantha has already miscarried the daughter they’d conceived via IVF in November 2018. Hopefully, they will be successful in their desire to have a second baby in the future.

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