Michael Jordan team owner

Michael Jordan already being snubbed as a team owner

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Michael Jordon’s team ownership of NASCAR Cup Series team 23XI Racing was not mentioned in the FanSided 250.

FanSided released the fifth annual FanSided 250, which is a huge compilation of fanbases in sports and entertainment. It ranks them from 250 to 1.

NASCAR is the sport that gets snubbed in the FanSided 250, It ranked 71 in 2016 and 24 in 2017 and hasn’t managed to rank in the top 250 since then.

This year the lone representative for NASCAR in the FanSided 250 is Bubba Wallace. However, it was not exactly for racing reasons that he was ranked for. He led the initiative to ban the Confederate flag and was in the midst of a noose incident in the 2020 season.

He will begin the next season as the driver of the No. 23 Toyota for 23XI Racing, a Michael Jordon team. Speaking about Jordon, he came in at 49 overall and 11 in sports figure in the FanSided 250.

The blurb about Jordon reads:

“Our undying love for Michael Jordan was reignited when his 10 part documentary series The Last Dance aired in 2020.”

However, there is no mention of his NASCAR team, which is set to debut in the 2021 Cup Serie season. The disrespect towards NASCAR in general in the ranking gets reflected in snubbing Jordon as a team owner.

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