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Dale Earnhardt Jr. speaks up about his past endeavour to quit smoking

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One of the NASCAR’s most popular driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a hard time with his smoking habit in the past. 

While Earnhardt Jr. had all the fame that one can desire during his racing career. But he was still troubled by his smoking habits during his early racing days. And at the time he met his wife, Amy Reimann, she made it clear that it was either her or the smoking that he has to choose from.

“I put myself in situations that probably weren’t the best for me when I was trying to quit,” Earnhardt Jr. said.

Not only has he quit smoking, but the former Hendrick Motorsports driver is also a Nicorette ambassador to help people quit smoking.

“Once you make that commitment, having some support with somebody who can help you with your habit is really important. That’s what I want to be for people going forward. I know how helpful it is to have someone say, ‘I want this for you.’ It’s restricting when you smoke because you plan your day around it. It dictates your life and you miss a lot of things.”

Helping people out is what Earnhardt will continue doing in the future.

“When you fail multiple times, you lose a lot of confidence in yourself and in your ability to stick to something. You’re controlled by something, which is not a fun feeling. When you take control, it’s a great feeling.”

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