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Kyle Busch anticipating rivalries between his son with sons of Harvick, Larson and Bowyer

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Kyle Busch is expecting that his son will have a rivalry with sons of Kevin Harvick, Kyle Larson and Clint Bowyer, just like he has with the fathers.

While Brexton Busch might be only five, he is already in the process of becoming a race car driver. He runs races in the junior or beginner class. While the child of the other mentioned drivers might be bigger than Busch’s son, there will be a time that all of them will be competing against each other, in the case that they decide to follow same career paths as their fathers’.

Speaking about potential rivalries between his son and that of other fellow Cup Series drivers’ sons, Busch said:

“Right now, Brexton is only five, Keelan is eight or nine. So they’re in different classes, they’re not quite running against each other yet,” Busch said, speaking during an interview.

“It’s gonna happen, you know. Owen Larson is out there, Cash Bowyer is gonna get out there next year. So there’s gonna be a lot of these kids.”

Here’s what Busch will be telling his son when the situation arises.

“I’m gonna tell Brexton, ‘Don’t take no s**t man, go get ’em’.”

Busch also said that he would like his son to listen to his advice when he grows up, unlike what Busch did when he was young.

“I hope one of these days he listens to me though. When I was growing up, I had a hard time listening to my dad. I didn’t think he was very smart or didn’t know what he was talking about. I’m sure Brexton looks at me in the exact same eyes. But you never know until we get a little older.”

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