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Dale Earnhardt Jr. annoys Martin Truex Jr. with his work in the broadcast booth

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. revealed that the things that he speaks in the broadcast booth annoy his close friend Martin Truex Jr.

After retiring from full-time NASCAR Cup Series competition, Earnhardt Jr. is still connected with the sports through his work in the broadcast booth. He serves as an analyst for the NBC booth for Cup Series races.

Not everything he says on the booth goes well with the drivers, including Truex Jr. Speaking about such an incident, 15-time Most Popular Driver Award winner said:

“I have friends like Martin Truex Jr. that race today that is annoyed by me,” Earnhardt told Beyond the Flag.

“It’s so funny. I’ll call Martin and be like ‘We got a hunting trip planned’ or something and we’ll get in a conversation and he’ll tell something that I did that annoyed him and I’m like ‘Martin, it ain’t nothing personal, buddy! We’re just up there in that booth trying to sell tickets and trying to get people interested in what’s going on!’

“I said something about I didn’t think he was going to win the championship…when him and the 22 [Joey Logano] were going at it that year, I was like ‘Martin is not going to do anything! He’s too nice!’, and what happened at Homestead? The 22 goes around him on the outside and Martin never did anything! He just sat there and watched it happen!”

In the round of 8 of the playoffs at Martinsville Speedway, Joey Logano won at the cost of Truex by moving him out of the way and booked his spot for the Championship 4.

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3 thoughts on “Dale Earnhardt Jr. annoys Martin Truex Jr. with his work in the broadcast booth”

  1. aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black Jr.? you’re a great driver and all but how many did you actually let get by you during races when YOU could have been more aggressive as well? i honestly think that Amy had alot to do w/your retirement. no offense. i think that both you and your Father contributed quite a bit to NASCAR. i’ve always been a fan of the both of you. will you ever be giving your nephew Jeffrey an opportunity to race in your equipment?

  2. I think he should let Jeffery run in his equipment we need a Earnhardt to be back in the spotlight hell look at chaise Elliott we need the names of famous racers back up front and noticed because the Busch kid and harvick kids are not far away

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