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Snowball Derby is a “really important piece of racing that needs to survive” – Chase Elliott

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Chase Elliott outlined the importance of short-track racing with his participation in the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway.

After all, it’s short-track racing that brought Elliott to recognition. Having won the Derby twice in the past, Elliott returned to the event after a break of a couple of years.

Elliot is of very high opinion towards this particular event for giving the platform to learn his trade.

“Some of my biggest racing lessons were learned in the years that I spent right here and several of the opportunities that helped me get to where I am today came here as well,” Elliott said. “It’s something that I think is very important to have respect for, is to remember where you came from and where you started as time goes on.

“This race, the Snowball Derby, is a really important piece of racing that needs to survive. It needs to thrive and it needs to be here,” he added. “I feel like it’s the responsibility of those like myself who are fortunate enough to do what I do (at the top level) to give back to it and respect the event. “This race is something that needs to last for a long, long time to come.”

Despite being a Cup Series champion, Elliott is not taking the Snowball Derby too lightly. However, he will certainly be looking to go and earn a win in “somebody else’s playground.”

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