Chase Elliott Snowball Derby

Chase Elliott eyeing third Snowball Derby title after 2020 NASCAR Cup Championship

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Chase Elliott is pumped up to win his third Snowball Derby title after winning the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

Elliott is set to participate in the 53rd annual Snowball Derby this week at the Five Flags Speedway. It has been a while that the No. 9 Hendrick Motorsports driver has not participated in the event, having won it twice, in 2011 and 2015.

Speaking about his return to the event, Elliott said:

“It’s amazing at what a big event the Derby has become. It’s important to support short-track racing in places like Pensacola. Getting to know the crowd growing up there and the crowd getting to know me, it makes it special to not only win but to return as often as I can.”

Elliott will be competing with the nation’s top Super Late Model drivers in the 300-lap Derby. The 2020 Champion reflected on the connection that he has with the area.

“Five Flags is, obviously, a special place to me. All the racing we did around the Gulf Coast, Pensacola was the heart and soul of where I spent my time Late Model racing. I have a special connection with that area.”

While Elliott may be a NASCAR champion and past winner of the event,  Elliott knows that it will be challenging to win his third Snowball derby.

“This is a massive challenge. I haven’t raced one of those cars (SLMs) in five years. We certainly haven’t been going to the track and going through the motions of picking out tires and running races.

“It’s really hard. Anytime, you step in somebody else’s sandbox, I don’t care what you’re racing – RCs, lawn mowers, or Super Late Models – we’ll have our work cut out for us.”

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