Austin Cindric NASCAR driver

Austin Cindric outlines his growth as a NASCAR driver

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Austin Cindric spoke about his career paths leading to NASCAR, and his growth in this discipline of motorsports. 

Cindric already boasted experience in other motorsports before entering the world of stock car racing.

Speaking on The Racing Writer’s Podcast, Cindric said of his career paths:

“I feel like that’s something that is unique, and it’s what I love about the different paths my career has gone. But with all that, I’ve never had the chance or spent the time to stay in a certain car in a certain series for a number of years to really perfect the small details, get all 100 percent out of everything.”

Back in October, it was announced that Cindric would continue one more year in the Xfinity series while participating in select Cup races before making his full-time Cup transition in 2022.

“NASCAR is supremely different from racing series where fast is 90 percent of the challenge and the [other] 10 percent is making it through the first few corners and then racing it out until the end. Whereas NASCAR is all racing,” continued Cindric. “I’ve never struggled with being fast in a NASCAR car, but it’s the race from how the track changes or how you race against other people or how you change your lane, all these different things of how to be a racer. I feel like my race craft and my mentality as a driver has significantly changed, and it’s been a benefit to me in other series as well.

“When I go back and run in IMSA, my comfort level being around other cars and my maneuverability and what I’m looking for out of the racetrack, what I’m looking for out of my car, are things I never would have learned if I wouldn’t have driven in NASCAR. I feel like I’ve grown so much more as a racer racing in NASCAR than I have anywhere else.”

While Cindric has already shown to be better than the Xfinity series by winning the 2020 Championship, one more year in the series would not hurt the driver.

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