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Brad Keselowski pays tribute to Jimmie Johnson with a personal story

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Brad Keselowski said that he was the most impressed by Jimmie Johnson’s humility towards other NASCAR drivers.

As Johnson retired from full-time Cup racing, fellow drivers poured in their respect towards the seven-time champion. It is certain that he will not be remembered as one of the greatest NASCAR drivers but also as a great person.

Experiencing Johnson’s humility first hand, Keselowski said:

“The first time I met him. He had just won his first Cup championship and he was down to earth, very humble, and I’ll remember that forever.”

“I was at Junior Motorsports, and he treated me as an equal although I had nowhere near the resume. And I had never even won a Cup race at that point in time in my life. I was always so impressed by that, his humility.”

It was not the only time Keselowski was struck by Johnson’s character. Another memory the Team Penske driver recalls is that of the  testing at Road Atlanta in 2016.

“I got a really bad wreck in Atlanta. And he stopped to check on me and make sure I was OK. We were testing, so he just stopped. I always thought that that was something he did that he didn’t have to do and showed character.”

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