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I was beating all the champions of the series – Kyle Busch responds to criticism

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Kyle Busch responded to criticism for his wins by saying that he was winning the champions of the series when he was young.

Busch does not just limit his racing to the Cup Series but also involves himself in the Xfinity and Truck Series. He has stated that he will retire from driving in the Xfinity Series when he has 100 wins. He has 97 wins to date.

Many point out that Busch’s win in the series doesn’t matter much as he is not racing against elite drivers. Busch responded to such criticism by saying that he was racing against champions and winning the race. He said:

“You can battle the haters all you want and talk about how good or cool or all the wins were whatnot. But they’re always going to have some sort of fact of the matter I guess. That one didn’t mean anything or there wasn’t anybody that you were racing in Truck or Xfinity or whatever.”

“But I remember early on, in the early years of running in the Truck Series and I was 16-17, 18 I guess. And I was running against guys like Ron Hornaday and Mike Skinner and Todd Bodine and Jack Sprague and all the champions of the series.”

“And also there were some like Kasey Kahne or Tony Stewart, couple other guys that would come in and race as well too and I was beating those guys! So yeah, felt really cool to be able to get those wins when I was a younger buck I guess on my way up through. “

“And not just with the experience that I have now, racing against kids that don’t have the experience. But you know, those wins were really, really special to me.”

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22 thoughts on “I was beating all the champions of the series – Kyle Busch responds to criticism”

    1. Like him or not still one of the best drivers in Nascar. He can beat the best of them on any given day no matter the track or series.

  1. look at all the long time drivers like Crafton and some others who have been in the truck series for years who are racing against the young drivers every week who never get criticized , and when they try and move up they do nothing

  2. Robert L Terrell

    He is the greatest with 2014 wins over all, look at all the times they put him in the wall, all the great one did it to him as he was winning on his way up the field! One year he didn’t even get in the chase because they took him out!
    They didn’t want a young guy in it against them. Look back at the Infinity Series one year he was in the lead with most wins for the championship, and they took him out the last couple of races so he couldn’t qualify, to win it! If he gets mad they criticize him for speaking out! Look how many drivers he has helped over the years? He is racing them now and it’s getting harder as he has trained them to beat him!

  3. I agree with Kyle, he has beat them all. Not a great year for Kyle and his team this year. He will continue to be the guy to watch each week and I always capable of winning every race he enters. Kyle has earned his stripes and has my RESPECT . Kyle keep rolling and piling up the records for others to just dream about.

  4. I don’t root for Kyle but only because I don’t root for anyone not in a Ford. I like ’em all and every driver out there devotes their life to their racing and deserves to win. Does Kyle get surly at times? Yes! Can he be obnoxious? Yes! But so can (and do) the drivers I root for. Many race fans don’t seem to understand what it’s about at that level of the sport…..or any sport as far as that goes. Anyone who doesn’t think Kyle is one of the all time best at driving race cars is just plain blind or so opinionated and biased that they don’t want to be confused by the facts.

  5. I’m 69 years old and have seen the greatest at the tracks,Petty, Earnhardt ,Johnson-Junior and Jimmy in a car and he had the greatest car control,he would do things that was unbelieveable.I believe him to be the best =pure driver=that ever was.Maybe not the nicest or most humble but the best

    1. Billy no he hasn’t been any part of the down fall with NASCAR it’s NASCAR it’s self getting to PC to many fines , rule changes you might not like Bush that’s ok but put personality aside if you can do that. He a great driver , Not a Dale sr fan at all but I can say he was a great driver

  6. I hear ya Kyle! All those haters out there, if given the chance to own a car and team in any series would pick you to be their driver if a free pick were given! Kindda like all those people who hate Alabama in football. “Go Kyle” and “Roll Tide”

    1. A couple of the hall of fame drivers said on Moody’s show years ago that Kyle Bush would be there first pick as a drive if they had a team

  7. Kyles best days are behind him boys its a young mans game if he had to race in the under series to rack up the trophys to make himself feel beter than so be it he will be a Earnhardt or Wallace Gordon the list goes on but keep on getting your win stats in the jr ranks nascar had to change points system so he could win a title

  8. Just for reference I watched the 2007 Sam’s club 300 Busch series race from Las Vegas last night on youtube… 26 “Busch-wackers” in the field.

  9. He brings an Uzi to a knife fight and kicks everybody’s *** and that makes him the greatest. Give me a break. Biffle hadn’t raced in a couple of years goes out in Kyle’s truck dominates and wins. Comes back later in another team’s truck and runs in the twenties. Hmmmmm…..

  10. I think once a driver gets the call to advance to a higher level of racing – it’s only natural for fans to consider the driver “better” than the lower-tier drivers. Otherwise – the guys in the Xfinity series and all who announce racing wouldn’t mention “moving to the CUP series” with such accomplishment.
    Now – put the top tier driver down to the lower level – and expect fans to treat those wins as a huge accomplishment – I think it’s asking a lot. You’ve already raced that level dude. Stop expecting fans to be impressed – it’s just not the same race. Period.

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