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Bubba Wallace sheds light on a “brutal environment” inside a race car

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Bubba Wallace said that the environment inside a race car is brutal and that a driver can lose more than 3,000 calories in one race.

It is not just the mental aspect of race preparation but the physical side of it is very important for motorsports drivers. The race can sometimes last more than four hours and the drivers have to endure these hours inside a machine that can go as high as “185-200” degrees.

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Wallace have had first hand experience of this brutality when he fainted after the race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in the 2020 season. Speaking about the nature of the sports, Wallace said:

“It’s a taxing sport. You’re physically clenched to the wheel for four hours straight, driving 500 laps in a car that is 185-190 degrees inside.

“A race car driver can surprisingly burn more than 3,000 calories in one race, but it’s a brutal environment. I have had my fair share of exhaustion from it and even fainted in Atlanta after a race.”

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