Cole Custer rookie Cup Series

Cole Custer reflects on his rookie season in the Cup Series

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2020 Rookie of the year Cole Custer reflected on his first season in the NASCAR Cup Series which was different from any other year. 

Custer was able to record a victory in his first season in the Cup Series, a feat that not many can achieve. Especially for a rookie, a win in the first season would mean a lot.

Additionally, the drivers had to get used to run races without any practise or qualifying session, which is a challenge in itself not just for rookies but even for the veterans.

Speaking about his first season in the Cup Series, Custer said:

“Definitely a lot of ups and downs, with any rookie year, it’s like that. This year was probably to the extreme, not having practice, not having testing, not having qualifying.

“It definitely wasn’t easier to be a rookie, but I think we all made the best out of it. I think we all made a lot of progressions throughout the year.”

The Stewart-Haas Racing driver will be looking to build upon his successful first year in the 2021 season.

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