Kyle Larson's title chances

“Never say never” – Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Kyle Larson’s title chances

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is of the opinion that Hendrick Motorsports new driver Kyle Larson can win the championship in his comeback season.

Larson missed much of the 2020 season as he was suspended by NASCAR for using a racial slur in an iRacing event. However, with the suspension lifted and a new team, Larson is raring to go for the upcoming Cup Series season.

Speaking about Larson, Earnhardt Jr. said that Larson has the capability to win the championship but he might need some time to get used to the sport again.

“Never say never. But I think that Kyle just needs to go out there and get re-acclimated to the sport.”

“If you take a break, whether it’s a couple of weeks if a driver gets an injury, or whatever it may be. You really get behind quickly in this sport.”

“I think it’s just going to be important for him to re-acclimate himself with being a part of the sport. Getting back into that routine of racing every single week. Just find some stability and consistency. Try to create a new foundation to build on. To one day, maybe, become a champion.”

The Hall of Fame inductee further reiterated Larson’s title chances and his talent.

“He’s a very talented driver and has a lot of opportunities to win and succeed. A championship is certainly attainable for him.”

“I just think he needs to get out there and just try to build his team. And try to get some consistency and performance in the car each week.”

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