Joey Logano 2020 season

Joey Logano reflects on “craziest things” of the 2020 season

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Joey Logano is a more open-minded person after the “craziest things” that happened in the 2020 NASCAR season.

The Cup Series ended with a grand finish at the Phoenix Raceway. However, there were a lot of hurdles that NASCAR as a whole had to overcome to finish their season, including months of absence from racing, lack of training and qualifying sessions and change in venues, among others.

Speaking about such changes and looking back at it now, Logano said:

“Yeah, I mean, I think personally, it proves to us that the craziest things you could think of and things we would never be open to do before this year is possible. Nothing is ever as crazy as you think it is, right?”

“If you told us we were going to a road course and never have practice and we’re just going to line up and race. And you told us that in January or February, we’d think you were nuts, that would never happen.”

Contemplating on the situation back then now, Logano has come out to be a more open-minded person for change.

“We have to have a test session, we have to have a bunch of practice. It’s not possible. We did it, and it was a great race, right, down in Daytona.”

“I think the biggest thing that we can all take away from this is that we can be more open‑minded to change and know that as different as things feel, eventually it becomes a new normal. I think that was a big challenge for everybody.”

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