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How learning things at a young age helped Chase Elliott win the championship?

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Chase Elliott revealed that getting racing knowledge and experience at a young age helped him win the championship.

Elliott became the third-youngest champion after his 2020 Cup Series Championship win. Winning things so early came to the No. 9 Hendrick Motorsports driver because he started out quite early with racing.

Speaking to Duke University’s Coach K or Mike Krzyzewski, Elliott said:

“At 12, 13, I mean, basketball players that you’re going to see later on down the road in their career are already playing, as you know. I think it’s very similar for us. We have opportunities and there are things that you can go race from eight years old, racing go-karts.”

Racing a full-sized car at the age of 13 surely helped the 2020 Champion.

“I think in some ways it’s the same… So yeah, I mean, at 13 I was racing some full-sized cars. I raced for a few years there before I had my license, which is crazy to think about. But it’s just kinda how it works.”

Elliott is also of the opinion that learning is better at a young age.

“I just feel like there’s things that you learn young now that you, just, some things you’re not gonna be able to teach yourself down the road. And I see that in other sports, probably more so than racing,”

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