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Crew chief Alan Gustafson on the turning point for Chase Elliott’s season

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Chase Elliott’s crew chief Alan Gustafson said that the win at Daytona Road Course was the turning point for his season.

Elliott was going through patches of inconsistencies in the season. However, his dominant win at Daytona Road Course was a memorable victory as Gustafson reveals. According to the crew chief, the win turned out to be one of the decisive moments in Elliott’s 2020 Championship win.

Speaking to the Hendrick Motorsports official website, Gustafson said about the road course victory:

“I feel like there was a turning point. I feel like we’ve been there, really, from Daytona on. We had a chance to win a DAYTONA 500 and things didn’t work out for us.”

“We’ve been in contention to win races all year long. … (We) had a little slump in the summer, but we were able to overcome that and get hot back again at the end of the season.”

Gustafsonn said that the 2020 champion will be raring to go for the next season.

“He’s super authentic. I love that about him,” Gustafson said. “He doesn’t really change. Professionally, he’s gone through it enough now where he knows how he wants to navigate it and how he wants to go about racing.

“He’s won and he’s lost, and he’s done everything in between. I think that’s the difference. He’s Just much more confident and assertive in his decision-making process and how he wants to go about things.”

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