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Bubba Wallace’s spotter reveals Clint Bowyer had the “best idea in the history of our sport”

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Bubba Wallace’s spotter Freddie Kraft revealed an idea from Clint Bowyer that would have been “best idea in the history of our sport”.

According to Kraft, Bowyer said to him that he would wreck everyone that wrecked him in the past in the last race of the 2020 Cup Series Season at Phoenix Raceway. He said:

“I thought Clint had the best idea in the history of our sport for his last race. And he just did not follow up on it.”

Kraft revealed what Bowyer said:

“I think I’m just gonna pull the pin tomorrow and just wreck everybody that I owe a wreck to. As I wreck them, I call it out like that was ’08 Martinsville right there bud. Yup! That was 2012 Phoenix.”

The spotter further added:

“That would have been the most epic thing in the history of the sport”.

However, Bowyer didn’t do as he said. He raced neatly to finish 14th in the race.

The driver will now be joining the FOX NASCAR booth from the 2021 season.

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