Logano admits he thought about bringing a late caution intentionally in the final race

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2020 Championship contender Joey Logano admitted that the idea of bringing a late caution ran through his mind at Phoenix.

Chase Elliott came out as the winner but Logano gave him a very good run for the money for most of the race. Elliott took the lead from Logano with 43 laps to go.

At one point, Logano must have wondered that he would lose the race if a caution didn’t come out. However, the Team Penske driver was not only wishing for a caution but the thought of creating one ran through his mind. He admitted:

“The thought went through my mind. I’m not gonna lie and say the thought didn’t go through my mind.”

However, such an act would have been too unprofessional from a championship contender, and Logano knows that.

“What does that say about your championship and your character? Everyone goes like, ‘where is the line’, right? That’s a real question you need to ask yourself, in the heat of the moment.”

“You can’t do that. To me, it’s too far. Yes, you want to win the championship and championships mean everything…But it’s not the right thing to do, so you just don’t.”

“You’re not out there to make friends, but there is still a right or wrong thing to do…Completely crashing somebody is something I think that’s too far.”

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