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“I was shocked” – Kyle Busch on Kevin Harvick wrecking him

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Kyle Busch was involved in an on-race incident with Kevin Harvick on the final Round of 8 race at Martinsville Speedway.

Harvick was edging closer to missing out on a place for the Championship 4 race at Phoenix. He was trying hard to pass Busch in the last lap but ended up spinning Busch’s car as he couldn’t pass him.

Speaking about the incident, Busch said:

“The fact of the matter was that he ran me down for the last five laps of the race! I was shocked because I was pushing as hard as I can go because I needed to stay ahead and not let him get to me.”

Well, it was not only the No. 18 driver shocked by No. 4’s move but Busch himself had some surprise for Harvick during the incident.

“He was on my bumper a little bit off of Turn 2 (on the last lap). If I go in on the bottom, he was just gonna root me out of the way and push me on the stuff. So I kind of went in high into Turn 3, and I think I shocked him.”

Ultimately, Harvick missed out on a Championship 4 race spot.

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6 thoughts on ““I was shocked” – Kyle Busch on Kevin Harvick wrecking him”

  1. Kyle should have let him go, that just shows you what kind of self centered racer that Busch is. He wasn’t in contention for the chase and should have moved over. Kevin probably got tired of the way he was racing him and dumped him in the last turn not realizing that there was a 3 way tie all with -1 and Harvick would have been in based on wins for the season.
    Dumping Kyle got a better fan reaction though.

  2. I can’t stand Kyle Busch but he was just doing what he had to do to make sure that his teammate made it in Kevin Harvick was just doing what he had to do to make it in that is just racing

  3. Or maybe KB was blocking to protect team car #11 into the final four?? If Kevin gets past him, Denny would have been out!

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