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“Worst Mistake I Ever Made” – What will be different for Hamlin this time around compared to his title run in 2010

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Denny Hamlin said that he will enjoy the weekend leading to the final race, unlike the time when he didn’t during his title run in 2010.

Hamlin doesn’t want to be stressed out in the preparation for the season finale at Phoenix Raceway and is someone who takes things calmly. Looking to win his first championship, Hamlin said that he is not taking any pressure so much to disturb his normal life in order to prepare for the final race.

When asked if Hamlin was going to play tennis until the early hours of the race day like last year, Hamlin replied:

“If I had a tennis court, I would, but you know, that’s the thing, right. I’m different when it comes to that. I look for distractions versus people trying to avoid them.”

“I tried to avoid them in 2010 and it was the worst mistake I ever made was just not enjoying the weekend. It was my birthday weekend, why wouldn’t I celebrate that anyway.”

Additionally, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver spoke about not altering his daily routines too much for the preparation of the race on Sunday.

“It’s my personality. I make sure that I spend the dedicated amount of time I need to do to prepare. And beyond that, I do my normal, everyday routine, which is just live life.

“I was at a friend’s daughter’s birthday party a couple days ago, and I’ll go golfing tomorrow for the next couple days. I’m happy with the result because I know that I’m going to be prepared when I get in the car on Sunday to do the best job possible,”

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