Denny Hamlin satisfied with his season

“We’ve Achieved Our Goal” – Denny Hamlin satisfied with his season

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Denny Hamlin seems satisfied with his season so far as he said that the goal to reach the final 4 has been achieved.

Hamlin along with Chase Elliott are the two drivers looking to win their first championship. As for Elliott, he has a relatively young Cup Series career compared to Hamlin.

However, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver won’t stress too much about winning his first championship and said that the goal for this season has been met.

“Yeah, we’ve achieved our goal for the year. Our goal was to get to the Final 4,”

Winning the championship, after all, has a different algorithm than just consistent performance throughout the year. Just look at Harvick who was so dominant for most stretches of the season. But, ultimately, he failed to reach the Championship 4 for his poor performances in the Round of 8.

Hamlin agrees with Harvick on the different systems to win the championship. While the goal has been fulfilled, winning a Championship is just a race away.

“Like I say, I agree with Kevin, it’s a little different than it used to be. Now it just comes down to one race. We’ve achieved our goal. Two years in a row now making the Final 4. Hopefully, we can finish this thing off,”

“We obviously had a great Phoenix last year. Things were a lot different. You had a different aerodynamic package. Certainly, I feel like when I go there I’m going to roll off and hopefully have a race winner.”

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