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“F***ing hack” – Chase Elliott’s Crew Chief rages at Joey Logano

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Chase Elliott’s Crew Chief Alan Gustafson was mad at Joey Logano at Martinsville and called him a “f***ing hack” on the team radio.

Logano was aggressive in his race and it could have costed Elliott dearly as he was chasing a place in the Championship 4. As for Logano, he had already qualified for the final race of the 2020 season due to his win at Kansas Speedway.

Speaking over the radio, Gustafson said:

“We’re going to wreck him here”.

The No. 9 crew chief later elaborated on the incident.

“I think it’s self-policing in my opinion. There’s a couple of guys who consistently do it, at least to us. You just get tired of getting raced that way. I was pretty upset about it, if that ultimately was a tire rub, it would have cut our tire and it was gonna get ugly.”

The two drivers are set to lock horns for one last time as both of them chase the 2020 title at Phoenix.

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9 thoughts on ““F***ing hack” – Chase Elliott’s Crew Chief rages at Joey Logano”

  1. Lagano is a hack and when he wins he smiles and what happens if he would knock out Kyle Busch then look out he might need dentures real soon??????????

  2. Someone needs to take Joey out back and give him a real good *** WHOPPING then maybe just maybe he will realize he is not so great and the new DALE SENIOR. He is a sorry piece of **** and damn Yankee on top of that.

    1. Remember Matt Kenseth did take Joey out once, and the crowd loved it. Cost Matt a two week suspension, but when Joey does it NASCAR is blind.

  3. Every week Bubba Wallace almost takes out somebody. Bet he will never be penalized. Drives like a bull in a china store!! If he ever makes it I will be greatly surprised. No talent!!

    Bubba Wallace is always taking somebody out Bet he will never be penalized. Drives like a bull in a china store. Don’t think he will every make it – doesn’t have the talent!!

  4. so true DESr would take out anyone and everyone, and say that’s racing, and everyone thought it was ok. Joey drives to win, He is willing to take chances. Of course He smiles when He wins, He doesn’t have an attitude, or refuse to talk to the press, as some of them do. The object of a race is to win, not a blame game, If any of them were given the opportunity they would do exactly as Joey does, many of them do, but when they don’t win, or get in an accident it is ALWAYS someone elses fault. They somehow forget their previous actions.

  5. what ever to the back of the pack (field ) for rough driving ! that’ s the type of racing I was brought up with, , NASCAR is going down the tubes ! tony stewart will show them up !! with his new format…

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