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Elliott on his plans to run short track races along with Cup races

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Hendrick Motorsports No.9 Chevrolet driver Chase Elliott revealed his intention to run short track races along with NASCAR Cup Series races in the future.

Rick Hendrick once said that Elliott would like to run short track races along with NASCAR races for HMS. Speaking about his desire to run short tracks, which he did during the early years of his career, Elliott said:

“I’ve had a lot of interest to go and go back and run short track stuff. Over the past number of years, I’ve said that. I’ve said that a lot. I just haven’t had the right opportunities and haven’t been able to do the things the way I wanna do them.”

Elliott said that he is trying to figure out how to manage his schedule.

“It’s not necessarily the racing one day a week thing. I’ve had the interest when we were at the track more aside from this year. I think now I’ve been able to at least get some ideas of things that I wanna do,”

“Not sure exactly how timely some of it will be. But I wanna do it my way and I wanna do it the way I think is right. Until I can do it that way, I won’t. That’s just, kind of, the way I am,”

“I’m looking forward to doing some more racing. I really really want to and I’m excited about it.”

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