Kyle Busch Makes Huge Declaration About His NASCAR Future - “At Least 10 More Years”

Kyle Busch Makes Huge Declaration About His NASCAR Future – “At Least 10 More Years”

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Kyle Busch manage his first victory of the 2020 season to avoid becoming only the third NASCAR Cup champion ever, to go winless in the following campaign.

However more importantly, Kyle Busch victory at Texas kept his streak of consecutive seasons with at least one win going and three more such seasons get him the all-time record. Busch, also believes he can extend it way beyond that.

The 35-year-old driver said he has at least 10 more years in NASCAR for him to extend the streak for a long time to come.

 “Obviously, every great thing I guess must come to an end eventually, but man, I’m only 35. Like I feel like I’ve got at least 10 more years left in me,” Busch said in his post-race media interaction.

Kyle Busch – “I was so nervous,I can’t believe it,” After Keeping His Streak With Texas Win

Kyle Busch now has 16 straight seasons with at least one victory. The record is 18, held by Richard Petty.

“There’s a lot of people that put the pressure on me, on us as the 18 team that we’re known‑‑ we need to win. We should win. We have to win… But to be honest with you, it just‑‑ they’re right,” the Joe Gibbs Racing star said further.

There should be a great opportunity for this streak to go for a long, long time, and that’s why it’s been so stressful and has not felt very good to have this dry spell,” Busch expressed.

“I have been told by many a folk that I’m one of the best here, that’s been here. And to have that opportunity with myself and my team and the people that are around me, to go out there and win races, it makes sense,”

Busch is one of the most famous NASCAR drivers around because he has been one of the best performers on the track for a long time.

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