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Tony Stewart lauds “complete package” Kevin Harvick

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Stewart-Haas Racing co-owner Tony Stewart praised his No. 4 driver Kevin Harvick and labelled him as a “complete package”.

Harvick leads the chart for the most number of wins in the 2020 season with nine Cup races win. While he is aiming for a historic 10th win of the season, Harvick has already proved to be one of the best drivers around even if he cannot achieve that feat.

Speaking about Harvick, Stewart said that the No. 4 Ford driver is “the complete package”.

“I’m also gonna go back to years ago. I’ve said it then and all the way to the present and I’ll still continue to say it — Kevin Harvick is the complete package.”

“He’s a great race car driver. He was a great owner. He’s great at building teams. He’s great at managing teams. He understands how partnerships and sponsorships work in this sport and he also has a great management company.”

SHR co-owner went on to add that Harvick is “the most well-rounded driver in NASCAR right now”.

“So Kevin Harvick single-handedly is the most well-rounded driver in NASCAR right now. Has been for years and that’s why someone like him is able to do what he’s done this year.”

“He has the ability every week to go out and if we can give him a car that’s close and in the ballpark, he can do the rest of the work and get it the rest of the way,”

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