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Denny Hamlin reveals how the name 23XI Racing came about

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Denny Hamlin shed more light on how his team, with Michael Jordon’s partnership, was named as 23XI Racing.

The team was named as 23XI Racing and is pronounced as twenty-three eleven.

Speaking about the ideas that were discussed regarding the name and logo of the team, Hamlin revealed:

“Some that were way out of the box, and some that were directly in the box when we kind of found somewhere in between.

While it is clear that the number 23 in the name 23XI Racing comes from Jordon who wore this number in his basketball career. As for the XI, it represents Hamlin as he has been driving the No. 11 car from the beginning of his racing career.

“It doesn’t matter if we’re multiple cars down the road, the 23 will always represent him, the 11 always represents me,” Hamlin said. “But I also wanted to be respectful to Joe Gibbs Racing and not actually have, you know, the number 11 in the logo being that they have that number. So it’s so it’s just kind of a balance of all that.”

The team will have Bubba Wallace as their driver driving the No. 23 car.

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