Tony Stewart Says Toyota Ruins Drivers Career

Tony Stewart Says Toyota Ruins Drivers Career While Praises Ford Driver Development Program

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In a recent interview, Tony Stewart spoke on a number of subjects, including the recruitment of Chase Briscoe for the 2021 campaign. The ex NASCAR driver also opened up on the Ford & Toyota Development Programs.

it mainly started off as a question about the recent reinstatement of Kyle Larson back in NASCAR, however Tony Stewart was quick to dodge it. Instead, he redirected it towards the subject of driver programs.

He stated, “I think Ford’s done an awesome job with their driver development program. There’s not a lot of drivers in it, but there’s a reason there’s not a lot of drivers in it. They put that focus on a small group of race car drivers versus one of the other OEMs out there.”

The 49-y-o believes that it ruins other drivers’ careers when the likes of Toyota sign many drivers. Then, at the end of the day, they have nowhere for those drivers to go.

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It’s not throwing darts at a dartboard and feel like Ford has done an awesome job. Chase [Briscoe] is a prime perfect example of that. They were the first ones to really recognize his talent before anybody else.”

This is why Stewart is really happy that the likes of Ford have a very selective program. Ford recognize when drivers are fully committed to the program and push them hard to reach their full potential.

Tony Stewart stated that, at the end of the day, that is the main point of the Xfinity program is to comb the talent, and it is not just limited to the drivers, but also the crew chiefs, crew members, pit crew, etc.

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12 thoughts on “Tony Stewart Says Toyota Ruins Drivers Career While Praises Ford Driver Development Program”

    1. He was with Chevrolet,did you forget?He obviously felt Ford was better so he changed manufacturers.You need to educate yourself so you won’t look so stupid when you make a statement like you just made.

  1. Jackson KENDIG Scott

    I agree with Tony Stewart. Joe Gibbs racing has been going through drivers like I change my underwear. Leaving these kids with no where to go to soon. Ever since ford came out with their new engine a few years ago they developed over time a very dedicated program all around . Glad they are putting Chase Briscoe in the 14 car. Was also pulling for Kyle Larson for #14 car. Feel he will get second best with Hendricks.

    1. Nascar is a business they use Toyota for there development cause they make money, Toyota is a foriegn company , Dodge saw this and that’s why they left , know there talking about BMW, so were do you think the money engineering as nd attention will go if that happens, don’t get me wrong, I’m die hard chevy man but as far as Nascar as trying to stay afloat, they put business of trying to make their company more grounded and have deeper pockets for their selfishness, its not about run what you bring no more, who can build the best fastest car, they for got what made them

      1. Now proofread your comment and repost it so the rest of us can more easily understand what you want to say.

  2. Toyota has less drivers than Ford. If I’m watching the same nascar races I saw Denny Hamlin has won 6 races this year. I trust my eyes more than hot head Tony Stewart

  3. This coming from a guy who just let Daniel Suarez go after a short term contract to move Cole Custer up becuase Custer is the son of Joe Custer, who is a president at Stewart-Haas Racing and chief operating officer of Haas F1 Team. SHR seems to have a revolving door themselves. You Tony, are the one responsible for ruining Daniel Suarez’s career, not Toyota. Apparently, SHR is only interested in developing drivers that are relatives or come from Tony’s home state. The reality is, the Toyota development program has become the feeder program for NASCAR because Ford and Chevy won’t spend the money to do so. It’s easier to let Toyota do it and then cherry pick from their program. For a long time, Penske Ford had NO development drivers and sent their Cup boys down to race in Xfinity to vie for the manufacturers trophy. Where did Joey Logano come from? Oh, that’s right, Toyota. What NEEDS to stop happening, is teams moving their Xfinity drivers up after only one or two seasons. That means ALL manufacturers need to get these kids to chill out in lower series longer and stop moving 19 year olds in to Cup. Hendrick, RCR SHR are aLL as guilty as the next.

  4. His team won 36 races in 8 years with Chevy, an average of 4 a year. They’ve won 29 races with Ford in 4 years….I’ll do the math for you…that’s an average of over 7.25 a year. I’d say they made a good switch.

  5. Okay, let’s think about this.

    Tony says that Toyota ruins the careers of younger drivers by having so many in their “development” program. So, we consider driver Joe Blow’s path. Two possibilities.

    Joe Blow is “recruited” by a manufacturer. He is one of the unfortunate drivers who never gets to make it in the big leagues. Somehow, he is injured by having an opportunity that will go nowhere.

    Joe Blow is not recruited, and where does he end up. On the outside looking in. The same place as he does when he is not given a chance because there are more more butts than there are seats for all who dream of racing in the cup series.

    How is Joe Blow injured? He is right back where he started. He certainly had a better chance in a development program than if he was left out to begin with.

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