Bubba Wallace no 23

Bubba Wallace could drive the No. 23 car next season

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Bubba Wallace could drive the No. 23 car, an iconic number of the team co-owner Michael Jordon.

Not many details have been released by the new team that will make its debut in the 2021 season, with Wallace as the driver. The team has yet to announce its name, number and manufacturer, among other details that need to be revealed.

However, it seems like the car number that Wallace would drive could be No. 23.

Recently, a company named 2311 Racing LLC in North Carolina, c/o Jump DC filed trademark applications for the number 23 and the name 23XI Racing. What makes the connection more apparent is that the address listed traces back to a company called The Sacks Group, which lists Jordan as a client.

Speaking to Charlotte Observer about the car number, Jordon said:

“It’s all going to be what Bubba wants. I’m not going to impose on him with my persona. At the end of the day, I want him to have his own identity. If he chooses to drive that number, great! If he chooses another number, that’s great as well.”

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  1. Remove all flags including American flag , give Bubba 2 two lap reparations head start & require all the drivers to pull over if he wants a win may be possible

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