something wrong with Kyle Busch

‘Man, there is something wrong with me’ – Kyle Busch

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After his elimination from the 2020 Cup Series Playoffs, Kyle Busch said that he felt there is something wrong with him.

At the beginning of the Round of 12, Kyle Busch predicted that he would be eliminated in this round. He proved himself right as the No. 18 Toyota driver was eliminated in the last race of the round at Charlotte Roval.

Speaking after the race, Busch said:

“You go out there and try each and every week and there’s certainly have been times this year where I’ve thought, ‘Man, there is something wrong with me. I am not doing it right. I don’t know what I am doing or the car’s not quite right. I am not trusting what the car is really doing and telling me so I should just drive it harder.’

“Then, I am crashed; so I don’t know what to think but certainly, it would be nice to score a win.”

Busch is winless until this point of the season but certainly, a win in the coming races would lift the morale that has been so down in the No. 18 camp.

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26 thoughts on “‘Man, there is something wrong with me’ – Kyle Busch”

    1. james George jahner

      Nothing wrong with you. just ask jimmy johnson . you can only go as far as the shit you are driving takes you. the rest you have to blame on your crew chief!!!!!.

  1. Patrick Mahoney

    You’re the one people love to hate but this year has proved that you’re just like everyone else, you have super highs and low lows. Now that you’ve proved your human let’s get out there and win a race this year. I’m “Roudy Rootin” for you.

  2. Linda M Arledge

    I believe the problem is the lack of practice & qualifying does not give you the chance to fine tune your car. Hang in there! There are still races to win

    1. I find it interesting that no one else had practice and they weren’t using it as an excuse. His constant finger pointing that it’s someone else’s fault doesn’t help either.

      1. How can he cheat ? I have been around NASCAR sense 1984 , they check all cars to be as equal as they can be considering there are 3 different manufacturers!. I go to 10 to 12 races a year. I am in the pits and NASCAR is very strict on all of the teams. So how does a driver cheat?.

  3. It’s a goofy year. People who should have won, didn’t and people that shouldn’t have won did. Nobody wins all the time. Next year is a new day. Hang in there.

  4. You should learn from this. It’s not nice to be arrogant, egotistical, a bully and think you are better than anyone else. Karma will get you every time. No sympathy for you!!!

  5. You can’t blame the virus and you can’t blame no practice other Drivrrs seem to have no problems Cry Baby

  6. is being arrogant not the United states way, sure seems like it to me. just look at what is leading your country, Dumpie trumpie

  7. It’s time to move on. Get out of your contact. Give Tony #14 or Mr H #88 a call and move down the road. Sometime you need change.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with Kyle Busch except for that nasty attitude he totes around. I would like to think we have a little karma working his way. I hope it last for awhile & let him get a good taste of it.

  9. Kyle your a great Driver and i think one of the best, being arrogant is not the way to go for sure you got the talent to drive almost anything, and blow it the you act, calm down and drive like you use to and thank God for being the driver that you are.

  10. A lot of unkind words said by a lot of fans. Kyle you are one of the best drivers out there. You will win. Just stay calm and do your job. This year has been nothing but a pain.
    You are my favorite driver.

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