Natalie Decker cleared to race

What kept Natalie Decker out of Las Vegas and Talladega races

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Natalie Decker had to pull out of the race at Las Vegas and she couldn’t receive clearance in time to feature for the race at Talladega.

Speaking about the withdrawal, the Niece Motorsports driver said:

“I did not feel good at all, I went to the infield care center and they ran my vitals like they normally do, and I had a really high heart rate and blood pressure. They did not want me going out in that race and putting the stress on my body. Maybe having one get higher of too high and having me blackout.”

The officials didn’t want to risk Decker going into the race with high heart rate and blood pressure.

Decker also revealed that “all the scary things have been ruled out” and she might be ready to return to racing soon. However, she is not yet medically cleared to race yet.

“I’m back now because we have all those scary things ruled out,” she said. “So that’s the good news. The bad news is I’m still not cleared. I still have very high blood pressure and there’s something, maybe a medication or something, in my body right now making that happen, but it’s very minor. It’s not something scary. So we’re going to figure that out in the next couple of days, cross my fingers, and then I will be medically cleared to come back and race.”

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