Joey Logano yellow line rule

Joey Logano hits back at inconsistency over yellow line rule

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Joey Logano fell victim to the yellow line rule twice in the race at Talladega Superspeedway. The driver is not happy about the consistency of implementation of the rule.

Even though  Logano was not favoured by the rule, he is of the opinion that NASCAR should keep this rule.

“I think you gotta keep the rule. For safety, I think you have to keep the rule. I can’t say I like it, because, for one, I was on the bad end of the deal twice.”

The only thing that Logano wants is more consistency in the implementation of the rule.

“The crazy thing to me is they haven’t called it in a long time. On a lot of people, on anybody,” Logano said. “They’re just kind of like, let it go and it happens.

“You see Sunday and there’s call after call after call. Then they revert a call at the end of the race. Like whoa, what’s going on here?”

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8 thoughts on “Joey Logano hits back at inconsistency over yellow line rule”

    1. NASCAR is ran by a bunch of ***** that’s why Hamlin can drive under the yellow line and pass 2 cars. NASCAR is cheating the fans out of a honest race.

    2. Because he drives for Toyota and Nascar wants him to win the championship. He drove on the apron the entire 3rd and 4th turn and Nascar said it was legal. What a joke.

  1. They heard Toyota President say he was upset that they only have won 8 races. So Nascar gave them (1) and took it away from Ford. Matt is the true winner of this race hands down.

    1. I am not a fan of Toyota because they get all the breaks, that is if you drive for Gibbs. Hamlin should not have won that race, he was definitely below the line passing cars and NASCAR did not call it. It’s called favoritism for the gang at Gibbs racing.

  2. It is doing nothing to try and reason with NASCAR! They have proved to be non listeners to the fans. The only thing they understand is when fans continue to boycott these races. Like the NBA, if we want to change NASCAR, continue to boycott them and their main Sponsors. Then we will see change…

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