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“Always fighting for my life” – Matt DiBenedetto on his career

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Matt DiBenedetto went from winning position to finishing 21st in the NASCAR Playoffs race at Talladega Superspeedway.

His career has been in constant flux and still, there is no surety about his future with Wood Brothers Racing beyond the 2020 season.

“It’s just a crazy finish. I haven’t been able to really process it. I just really want to get this thing in Victory Lane,” DiBenedetto said speaking about the race at Talladega. “I feel like this is the same story a lot of times, just heartbreak.

“My wife and I have had a stressful week again just with the uncertainty – always fighting for my life – but I’m so appreciative of this team. The Wood Brothers, I want this 100th win for the Woods so bad.”

DiBenedetto was penalized for shoving Byron below the yellow line in the race. For his efforts to keep up with the final lap of the race, the No. 21 driver labelled it as “pure desperation”.

“It was actually tough to see. My windshield was filthy from all the speedy dry. I was having trouble seeing to block. I was blocking everyone’s lane,” he said. “I mean, that was pure desperation, but that’s how I drive every race. Every time I step foot in a race car.

“I’m appreciative for the challenges I’ve faced. That’s what it teaches you when you have those shots. I just want it so bad for my team – (crew chief) Greg Erwin and all these guys.

“Wild finish. That’s Talladega.”

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