Bubba Wallace new team 2021

Kurt Busch claims Bubba Wallace will not win a race in 2021 with his new team

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Kurt Busch is of the opinion that Bubba Wallace will find it hard to win a Cup race in the 2021 season with his new team.

The new team involving Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordon and featuring Wallace has the driver has been making the headlines since the project was made official.

Hamlin said that the team would give Wallace race-winning equipment and Wallace himself said that he will showcase his talent behind the wheels of such equipment.

However, Busch believes that Wallace will find it hard to win races in his first year. He said:

“I think they’ll win in their second year. It’ll be tough to win in that first year.”

Speaking about the process of development of a new team, Busch highlighted the model that Furniture Row Racing created.

“That’s the process of developing the program. The Furniture Row guys proved that you can do it as an independent team. It’s out there, the template is out there. They just have to plug in the right puzzle pieces.”

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13 thoughts on “Kurt Busch claims Bubba Wallace will not win a race in 2021 with his new team”

  1. I don’t see him winning. He has some talent but needs to go back down a level and get better. I think they would be better getting Larson or Ricky Jr. Just saying .

  2. He will never win no matter who he drives for he does not know how to drive to start with , and every time he is involved in any wreck even if it’s his fault he blames someone else and thinks now that it’s racist people like him don’t deserve to be in any race car if I owned a race team he would never drive my car even if he was the only driver out there. My son can out drive him any time and any place

  3. Jeremy Whisenhunt

    He doesn’t have enough talent to win at this level of racing. He’s a waste of good equipment. He’s cried lied and fraudulently swindled his way into a car someone else deserved. Jordan Hamlin have no clue as to what they have just done to thier bank accounts. Sponsors will soon abandon bubba as they figure out thier mistake of being in a association with this group of people.

  4. Sorry Bubba is out of his class he cannot compete and win against the outstanding drivers
    In cup racing really he ****

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