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Denny Hamlin out to give “race-winning equipment” to Bubba Wallace

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With his new partnership with Michael Jordon, Denny Hamlin wants to provide race-winning equipment to Bubba Wallace who “overachieves a lot”.

Bubba Wallace decided to quit Richard Petty Motorsports to join a new Cup team that will see the partnership of Hamlin and Jordon. While RPM was like a home to Wallace, the team didn’t have the car with a race-winning capacity that every Cup driver desires.

Hamlin is out to do exactly this for Wallace with his new team.

“I think that he’s outperformed his equipment. He’s in his third or fourth year in the Cup Series, still got a lot to learn. He’s proven himself, to me, out on the race track, is he’s someone that overachieves a lot.”

“Hopefully, we can get him race-winning equipment if we can do that. I can help mentor here and there. But ultimately he’s gonna grow as a driver and he’s gonna continue to get better.”

As for the team, Hamlin wants to model his team after his current team Joe Gibbs Racing.

“For us, it’s gonna take time to build this team to where it needs to be. I feel that we have a great opportunity and have great resources to do that.”

“These things don’t happen overnight. It takes time. The good news is I’ve kind of watched how Joe and his kids have built JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing) over the last 15 years. You’ve got someone there who you can really model yourself after.”

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