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Lionel Racing comments on leaked Kyle Larson No. 48 Hendrick diecast?

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A leaked No. 48 Chevrolet diecasts from Lionel Racing showed that Kyle Larson is set to replace Jimmie Johnson as the new driver in the coming season.

Lionel Racing seemed to have confirmed that Larson would in fact replace the seven-time champion in the No. 48 Chevrolet as an image circulated on the Internet that confirmed the news.

However, Lionel Racing confirmed that the image is fake and that they don’t know who will replace Johnson in the No. 48 seat.

Larson seems set to make a comeback to NASCAR Cup Series next season. Many people in the series have already spoken about his reinstatement. However, the driver has not officially requested for such yet.

The suspended driver has been linked with a number of teams, including Hendrick Motorsports.

While the news turned out to be fake, but it is possible that the former No. 42 Chevrolet driver take the No. 48 seat in the next season.

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1 thought on “Lionel Racing comments on leaked Kyle Larson No. 48 Hendrick diecast?”

  1. doug hamilton. i hope larson comes back soon. he is a top notch driver and good for nascar. he should never of been suspened in the first place. he made a mistake like we all do. i am looking forward till the day he returns. thank you.

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