NASCAR Female Driver Hailie Deegan Says COVID-19 is a Hoax

NASCAR Female Driver Hailie Deegan Says COVID-19 is a Hoax

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In the September 9th episode of The Deegans Podcast, Hailie Deegan and her father Brian Deegan get into the topic of the Coronavirus Pandemic and how it has had an impact on the personnel that is allowed at the race track from week-to-week. 

As the discussion progresses, it becomes quite clear that Hailie does not feel is a serious virus is a threat to human life, and in fact, she labeled it as a hoax in the show.

Here’s is a clip from her episode, which was grabbed by a Twitter user:

Brian Deegan calls COVID-19, “This dumb thing, dramatic disease thing called COVID.”

Hailie chips in and called COVID-19, “The flu,” and then she caps things off by belting out, “Hoax,” in the middle of a fake cough.

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To be very honest, it’s probably not a good thing to be joking about it on a podcast.

However, for Deegan, this latest mental lapse comes on the heels of several other issues that have really brought her empathy into question over the past few weeks.

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